Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Nightmare World: Frozen

Ok, it's been way too long between posts. I've recently started a rather demanding project that is eating up much of my reserve brain power. Anyway, I wanted to finish up with my NIGHTMARE WORLD art.

With NIGHTMARE WORLD VOL 3: Demon Days Dirk Manning gave me the opportunity to have TWO stories in the collection. He had already committed "Paranoid" to the volume (see last blog post) and approached me to "re-master" a story that had previously appeared on the web. That story was/is, FROZEN.

This was easily the most fun to draw. Who wouldn't want to draw barbarians chasing down mad wizards on top of a mountain?

You may notice I drew in the speech balloons right on the art. I had started doing this because computer lettering (specifically speech balloons) look so jarringly separate from the rest of the art. Some people are fine with this, but I think everything should look harmonious. If most of the art is drawn by hand, the balloons naturally should too.

Here are the two pieces colored:

If you want to read the whole thing, please pick up a copy of Nightmare World at the link above.

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