Thursday, October 6, 2011

Nightmare World Week(s): Paranoid

My next NIGHTMARE WORLD story was Paranoid. It took awhile for Dirk to convince me to do this story. The premise basically being a meeting between Bigfoot and the Lochness Monster. It sounded ridiculous and I guess that's the point. It was a humor story more than horror, so I had fun with it.

Many people have said my work is "cartoony" which I find a somewhat derogatory term when used in certain contexts. I think people are responding to my "exaggerations" which are used to help convey the emotions of the story or scene. With comedy, I tend to exaggerate features, anatomy, etc more for effect. Anyway here are some of the inkwash images I started with...

Dirk and I had many conversations about the color of this story. There are two scenes. One in the distant past, the other (concerning Bigfoot and his large companion) in the "present". Since Bigfoot and Nessie are fairly comical, my first instinct was to use a very colorful approach, and make the past scenes, more neutral. Dirk convinced me to switch the idea, since the "present day" is really after a holocaust of sorts. Here are some color versions along with the "cover" which is one of my favorite pieces I've done.

Please remember to purchase NIGHTMARE WORLD: DEMON DAYS, where you can read PARANOID in it's entirety.

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