Monday, September 26, 2011


So all this week I'll be posting about Nightmare World to celebrate the upcoming release of volume three in trade paperback. NIGHTMARE WORLD Vol 3 DEMON DAYS is available in comicbook shops (or onlie sellers) October 5th. All three volumes can be found here.

NIGHTMARE WORLD, if you didn't know, is the creation of Dirk Manning. I've worked with Dirk on several stories over the last few years, most being for this very anthology. I won't get too much into what it's all about, other than it is a horror anthology with a good mix of Twilight Zone and Tales From the Crypt. I really want to post more about art, so if you like what you see in these posts this week, please pick up a copy or three of NIGHTMARE WORLD. The volumes don't follow any particular order, so you can read them out of sequence.

The first story Dirk wanted me to work on was "Break Stuff". I initially rejected the story, but after several arm-twistings, I relented. The following images are sketches and pencilled pages.



As you can see I was using blue pencil for the drawing stage. The drawings are a bit more detailed as well. My process changes from project to project, year to year. I traditionally inked this story with straight black ink, so the end result is more "traditional" then my more current work. a few colored examples are below.


The complete BREAK STUFF can be found in NIGHTMARE WORLD Vol 1 13 Tales of Terror

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  1. We always seems to be twisting one another's arms about something, don't we? ;)