Monday, September 19, 2011


So, I'm a process junkie. I love to see how other artists do what they do and how they do it. One of my goals for the blog here is to show you some of that. Projects can really take a life of theit own and become something RADICALLY different than what you initially intended. Sometimes initial ideas are too grand, sometimes too limiting. Sometimes the process can take wild turns away from what you want. I'm rambling. Anyway, for GODSTOWN, things have gone pretty much in the direction I wanted, but as you'll see below, ideas were rejected, tweaked and refined.

I'll start off with the story's main "villain," Noah. The first draft of the script called for a "Roy Rogers" singing-cowboy-type of character, so that is where I started....

Godstown is not really meant as a comedy. Noah is a very formable and dangerous character. After drawing this I felt it took too much away from his "dark side". So I saved some of the flair, but toned it down. Also i wanted him to look more dangerous. This was the result, which pretty much stays intact in the sequential pages:

That's all for today. I'll continue with more characters and sketches in the next post.... sometime this week.

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