Sunday, September 18, 2011

Process of a page

Thought I would post on what my art looks like through the stages. I am a one-man "band" when it comes to the art portion of my comic pages. I pencil, ink, color, and letter my pages (although I do have a project coming out sometime next year that i only did pencil and ink-- first time that has happened).

Penciling is probably my least favorite part of the project. I see pencils as pretty much the architecture of the drawing. Not much detail, mostly just placement and proportion. Here's a sample of one of the pages I previously posted:

As you can see, basically just outlines and structure to show me where everything is. Inking is much more enjoyable as this is where i feel more of the "drawing" happens. I don't use a "typical" inking process. My ink is diluted to a dark grey. I use a water-soluble ink, which allows me to create ink washes and grey tones. It's a much more "painterly" process than using flat blacks. Here's the ink stage of the drawing:

My coloring/lettering/digital process is not really easy to describe, so I think I'll do that in a later post. For now, here's the finished page:

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